John J. Murphy, Ph.D. is a psychologist located in Santa Barbara Ca. He is a clinical psychologist as well as a hypnotherapist and course instructor. He's written and taught on a diverse range of topics from mindfulness & meditation to ethics & cross cultural issues.

As a founding member and clinical supervisor at a phobia clinic in Los Angeles, Dr. John has specialized in the fear of flying, for which he was featured on CNN and CBS's daytime medical show: "The Doctors" and served as a consultant for the A&E program "Airline".

Dr. John specializes in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as hypnotherapy. Through the years, he's taught classes in phobias, relaxation techniques and mindfulness based stress reduction.  He also worked with individuals looking to quit smoking through "The Last Drag" program at the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center in West Hollywood. 

Dr. Richard Kelliher is the Founder, and Director of Pacific Behavioral Health Care. He, his Clinical Associates and staff, have cared for clients in the Santa Barbara area for nearly thirty years. He also enjoyed over two decades as a Professor at a local Doctoral Psychology program. He is known for his Integrative Model and Philosophy of Love and Compassion.

Karin McAuliff is native to Santa Barbara, but has moved around enough to know that this is paradise. She has a background in business management but returned to school a few years ago to explore other options. This led her to pursue her education in accounting which is ongoing.  While in school she met Dr. Kelliher in a competitive boot camp class at the YMCA. The team challenges they faced, led to conversations about his practice and need for an office manager, not to mention his vision for the growing practice he started years ago. This seemed to be a natural fit knowing their shared passion for fitness, mental health, animals and the great outdoors. In her free time Karin enjoys time with her family and practices self care by working out and exploring the trails in this beautiful place we call home.